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I am Amariah!

Hey there! 

My name is Amariah and I am your next bubbly, black partner in success and CEO and founder of Eagle’s Wings Virtual Services.


I am here for you, for your mission, and for your success!

I wanted to introduce myself a bit more and give you a 'bird's eye view' of my background and experience.


I have:

  • A Master of Arts in Administrative Leadership

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Communication specializing in Public Relations and Advertising,

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

We are here for you!

With my background in PR and advertising and my passion for systems and processes I help business owners like you streamline their business so that you can scale with confidence. I am a Master of Arts graduate in Administrative Leadership and like to particularly support solopreneur leaders in their field (like you) so that you can soar to new heights and further your impact.


You can meet and even exceed your wildest dreams.


That’s why we are here. We are a team of specialists with extensive experience in systems and processes and exceptional executive assistance so businesses like you can soar to new heights.

You’ve got the vision. Now let’s get the systems in place to support it!


We look forward to helping your business soar!

- Amariah

Let’s Start Working Together!

Why Eagle's Wings?

Eagles are known for their ability to soar across the sky seemingly effortlessly. Although an eagle's wings play a powerful role, did you know it's the wind beneath their wings that helps them to fly? The beauty of soaring is that the bird depends on air currents to help it reach new heights.


At Eagle's Wings Virtual Services our goal is to lighten your load — so you can soar, not just fly. We'll help you save energy by taking on your time-consuming tasks and help free up your time so you can be your best and thrive.


I understand! As a business owner, your main responsibility is to focus on building your business.  So, let me be the wind beneath your wings and help you soar to new heights!


 I can't wait to work with you!

- Amariah

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