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Executive Administrative Assistance & System Support

Helping leaders streamline their business to scale

Your Business Is Flourishing. 
You Are Owning It Like A Boss!

And as proud as you are to have come this far,

Business demands are starting to wear you thin...

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  • Your business is growing faster than you can keep up with

  • Your optimal best is compromised because you are too busy wearing all the hats 

  • You have a vision but aren’t sure how to make it a reality

  • Deadlines and tasks fall through the cracks because you are drowning in your to-do list

  • You have too many tabs open with processes in place but it takes 5-10 different tools to render one result


What about your work-life balance?

Your son’s baseball game you want to go to without dreading entering data afterward? Or the potential customers you don’t have time to entertain because you are swamped managing every other part of your business?​

We understand your stress and we have a solution!
You are one click away from gaining back more free time to focus on your business.


This Can Be You!

  • Hours of your time back because you have systems in place to run your day to day for you

  • The headspace to serve at your optimal level and even improve your client experience leading to more referrals and increased revenue

  • An organized inbox and internal files so that you can find what you need, when you need it

  • Never missing a beat with organizing all of your social media content in one place and even repurposing it so that you’re maximizing your message and reeling in your clients with less effort

  • Time to be with your family — see your son’s baseball game or your daughter’s piano recital without dreading needing to complete administrative tasks afterward


Let's Scale Your Business

Streamline your business by implementing systems and processes that will sustain your business as you soar to new heights.

How Does This Work?

Here is a step by step of how we will help your business reach new heights!

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Take a look around!

After thinking about your business goals, view my service packages and decide what best fits your business needs.


Let's connect!

Once you have decided what package might best fit your needs, fill out my contact form and I'll reach out to you!


Let's chat!

Next, we will move to a discovery call where we can discuss more in depth how I can best serve you.

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Time to soar!

After deciding on a concrete plan for how you can utilize my services, we will sign a contract, pay the invoice, and get to soaring!





“When I was interviewing for my first VA, I thought I knew what I was looking for. During the conversations, I realized that my first priority was something else…cataloging all of my content so that I could set myself up for success in 2023. Amariah has been key to that strategy. She’s engaged with a new tool (AirTable) and identified ways we could leverage the different views from a planning purpose. Now that we’re “caught up,” I’m identifying other ways that she can add more value in my business through her experiences, her capabilities, and her energy.”

Melissa Carson, Crim Dell Consulting

- Featured in Local News -

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About Me

My name is Amariah

My name is Amariah and I LOVE supporting leaders in their field by organizing the backend of their business. I have witnessed the life-changing power of implementing systems and processes so that businesses can soar to new heights. With my background in Communications and Psychology as well as my masters in Administrative Leadership, I am also passionate about serving leaders whose impact changes the world for the better. I work with clients from all over the country. Nothing gets me more excited than knowing that by systematizing your business we are helping you to further your impact in this world and are making a much-needed difference. 

Are you one of those world changers who just needs some operational support? 

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Why Eagle's Wings?

Eagles are known for their ability to soar across the sky seemingly effortlessly. Although an eagle's wings play a powerful role, did you know it's the wind beneath their wings that helps them to fly? The beauty of soaring is that the bird depends on air currents to help it reach new heights.


At Eagle's Wings Virtual Services our goal is to lighten your load — so you can soar, not just fly. We'll help you save energy by taking on your time-consuming tasks and help free up your time so you can be your best and thrive.


I understand! As a business owner, your main responsibility is to focus on building your business.  So, let me be the wind beneath your wings and help you soar to new heights!


 I can't wait to work with you!

- Amariah

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